5 Tips to Unlock the Power of Pre-Suasion

1. Identify “single chute” questions to protect yourself from pre-suasion

2. In general, individuals value tangible motivators over morals and ethics

As a civilization, we tend to overestimate tangible benefits in favor of those that are less apparent. Stated more simply, humans are motivated by financial self-interest above just about anything else. But what does this say about our species? Are we programmed to act solely based on personal benefits? Or maybe it’s not that simple. In any case, it’s important to recognize that moral and social obligations can be obscured by financial dealings. And whether this is right or wrong, the fact remains that money motivates people more so than justice or goodwill. If nothing else, this proves that anyone with the right game plan can exploit our tendency to cherish physical good over intangible principals.

3. Never underestimate the power of carefully chosen words

4. External factors and internal landscapes determine the fate of any decision

The physical environment we find ourselves in when asked a question figures prominently into the decision we ultimately make. Depending upon where we are and what’s happening around us, it’s not uncommon for external prompts to play a pivotal role in where our choices take us. But it’s not only our physical coordinates that affect our actions-our internal geographies, including our attitudes, expectations, prejudices, and memories, also factor into the equation. Additionally, similar to the way we choose to focus on a happy or sad thought, we can also direct the attention of others toward what they lack, rather than that which they possess. By learning to control your own external factors and internal landscapes, you’ll have an easier time achieving personal and public success.

5. Be wary of enticing things



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