Know Your Love Language: Learn to Speak “Receiving Gifts”

The Grammar of Receiving Gifts

More than Materialism

Recognizing the Language of Receiving Gifts

  • Shopping — whether online or in stores — is more of a treat for them than a task.
  • They always have an arsenal of wrapping paper and gift bags for all occasions.
  • They have a tough time getting rid of gifts they’ve received — even decades later.
  • They pride themselves in picking the perfect, personalized gifts for every occasion.
  • When traveling, they always leave room in their luggage for souvenirs to give others.

10 Ways to Please a Partner Who Loves Receiving Gifts

  • Embrace the Art of Gift-Giving — View choosing presents for your partner as a skill to be honed and always try to choose items with sentimental value.
  • Never Miss a Gift-Giving Occasion — Setting up recurring reminders on your calendar can go a long way in case you tend to forget significant dates.
  • Share a Steady Stream of Small Gifts — Small tokens of affection can mean the world to your sweetheart, even if they only cost a few bucks at a local convenience store.
  • Don’t Skip the Souvenirs — If you travel for work — especially to places your significant other has never been — let them know you thought about them while you were away.
  • Put Thought into Every Offering — A seashell that symbolizes a magical moment can mean far more than a fancy pair of earrings or expensive electronics.
  • Make the Biggest Deal on Birthdays — Of all the gift-giving occasions, birthdays are perhaps the most meaningful because they’re also the most personal.
  • Give Gifts When They’re Down in the Dumps — If your partner is feeling blue, a small reminder of how strongly you feel for them can change their day completely.
  • Stick with It — Consistency is key when it comes to communicating with those who “speak” this language. Make it a point to share presents several times a year, every year.
  • Remember Their Reactions — As time goes by, your partner’s reaction to your gifts might slip your mind. Keep a record of their responses to identify what they like most.
  • Ask for Advice — If you’re still stumped about what to give your significant other, ask your friends and family for ideas advice about what kinds of gifts to give.



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